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SWCD- Hand washing! The Ultimate Germ Eliminator!

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

New on DEMAND Course! I just washed my hands, I am willing to bet you did too! Do you wash your hands a lot each day? Probably. If you are a seasoned early care and education professional, you have likely lost track of the number of times you have washed your hands over the course […]

DAVIDSON- 3rd QTR Fire Safety Training January 1-March 22, 2024

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

Fire Safety Training 1 hour training ON DEMAND COST: $10.00 Trainer: Shane Draughn Once you buy ticket; you will receive an email and click "View the Event" to view training, etc. YOU MUST TAKE THIS TRAINING January 1- March 22, 2024. This is an on demand training so you take it at your convenience by […]

CCRC – Emergency Preparedness and Response

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

Emergency Preparedness is essential when providing quality early care. Administrators and teachers need pre-planned strategies to address situations that require immediate attention. This learning session provides information and policies to prepare early educators for different types of emergencies. Presenter: Ashley Reid, Early Education Coach Child Care Resource Center Cost: $15.00 Deadline to register 03.5.23 @12pm […]

SURRY-Please, Teach Me What to Do

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

When children can navigate the classroom with minimal adult assistance, they learn to take ownership of their own actions and choices, they treat others better, and are better able to calm themselves and to problem solve. Learn the five steps to teaching self-management skills. Call (336) 786-1880 to register Cost: Free CU's 2 Virtual/Zoom Trainer: […]

STOKES-It’s Just a Playground or is it really an Outdoor Learning Environment (Lunch and Learn)

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

Playgrounds can be a wonderful way for children to move their bodies, but did you know that they can also be a wonderful space to not only explore nature, but be surrounded by a variety of learning adventures. In this training, teachers will be able to see how to create high quality outdoor learning environments […]


SURRY-Preventing Power Struggles with Preschoolers

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

Introducing choice into a young child’s life can promote improved behavior in your classroom. Come learn the five steps to using the choice making strategy. Virtual Zoom Trainer: Renae Lingafelt-Beeker Region 10 Behavior Specialist Cost: Free CU's:2

SURRY- ITS SIDS For New Staff and Renewal

Virtual Online Training NC, United States

Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Use of Safe Sleep Practices. State mandated safe sleep training for child care providers working with infants.  Required every 3 years. TRAINER:Melissa Burrow CCR&R SCECP ITS-SIDS Certified Instructor COST:FREE LOCATION: VIRTUAL / ZOOM CU'S 2 Call (336) 786-1880 TO REGISTER  

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