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Why Quality Child Care Matters to Parents

From the moment your child arrives in this world his/her brain is rapidly growing and developing. What parents have known for years – that good early experiences are good for our children – is now being proven by doctors and scientists at research centers and universities all over the country.

Research now shows that the care that babies receive has dramatic and long-term effects on how children develop and learn; on how they cope with stress and on how they react to the world around them. In fact, science tells us that the right kind of experience in the early years can actually help our children’s brains to grow. And, can affect how they continue to learn later on in life.

Just as good exercise can help our bodies grow, good early experiences can help our brains grow. Good early care experiences expand your child’s capacity to learn. Many children spend time each day in some type of child care setting. Child care center, family child care, in-home child care, care by a relative – whatever type you choose has the potential to stimulate and nurture your child’s early development.

The good news for parents is that child care that is designed to promote good health, positive social experiences and support for emotional development can improve the prospects – and quality of life – of many children.

As a parent you want your child to receive the best possible child care. Ensuring that this setting is one where they can thrive with caregivers who understand how to promote their growth sets the groundwork for future learning.

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