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Parent Newsletters

July 2017

What Can I Do at Home to Help My Child if They’re Not Paying Attention in School?

June 2017

Why is it Important to Continue a Consistent Sleeping
Schedule During the Summer?

Things You Should Know About Firework Safety

May 2017

Here’s What Happened At Our 7th Annual Children’s Champion Luncheon

Why Is It So Important for My Child To Get  A Vaccine Before Summer Begins?

Three Good Reasons You Should Send Your Child To Summer Camp

April 2017

How To Create A Sensory Board At Home

Looking for Summer Camps?

March 2017

Benefits Five Ways to Celebrate and Support the Success of Children
With Learning Disabilities

Having Trouble Getting Kids to Sleep For Daylight Savings?
Follow Our Sleeping Tips

February 2017

Benefits of Self-Sufficiency:Teaching Children To Do Things On Their Own

Fine Motor Skills Using Cheerios

January 2017

Tips For Reading With Preschoolers

Benefits of a Bedtime Routine

Provider Newsletters

July 2017

Ask the Behavior Specialist: I have a three year old girl in my class that will grab toys away from others. How do I teach her to stop?

May 2017

Here’s What Happened At Our 7th Annual
Children’s Champion Luncheon

April 2017

Here’s  an All-in-One Solution to Sensory Learning

March 2017

How Clean Up Time Can Be Beneficial To Children and Providers

February 2017

Provider Retention: 4 Simple Ways to Ask for Feedback

January 2017

Three Reasons You Should Attend The Children’s Champion Luncheon

Friends of CCRC

September 2018

New Name! New Location! New Newsletter!


2023 “Oh Behave” Newsletters

July 2023 - Volume 17 Issue 1

Bite Size Bits About Biting

June 2023 - Volume 16 Issue 12

Making Outdoor Learning Your Plan This Summer

May 2023 - Volume 16 Issue 11

Garnering a Culture of Support for Teachers

April 2023 - Volume 16 Issue 10

A Quiet Place for Rough Moments

March 2023 - Volume 16 Issue 9

That Big, BIG Energy: Boys AND Girls

February 2023 - Volume 16 Issue 8

Teaching Empathy in Your Classroom

January 2023 - Volume 16 Issue 7

Returning to Routine After Holidays

December 2022 - Volume 17 Issue 6

Are You Mindful of Celebrations?

November 2022 - Volume 16 Issue 5

Are You Mindful of Celebrations?

October 2022 - Volume 16 Issue 4

Exploring The Loss In Grief and Loss

September 2022 - Volume 16 Issue 3

Tips For a Successful Circle Time Every Time!

August 2022 - Volume 16 Issue 2

Welcoming Children and Families Into Your
Pre-school Classroom For The First Time

July 2022 - Volume 16 Issue 1

Teacher Tone and Classroom Climate

June 2022 - Volume 15 Issue 12

Moving On Up: Transitioning to the Next Early Childhood Classroom

May 2022 - Volume 15 Issue 11

The Social and Emotional Outdoor Classroom

April 2022 - Volume 15 Issue 10

Reflection on Prevention

March 2022 - Volume 15 Issue 9

The Social and Emotional Outdoor Classroom

February 2022 - Volume 15 Issue 8

Building Friendship Skills in the Classroom

January 2022 - Volume 15 Issue 7

Why It Is Important to Give Children Choices Throughout the Day

2019 “Oh Behave” Newsletters

Early Summer 2019 - Volume 13, Issue 1

The Magic of the Greeter Apron

2018 “Oh Behave” Newsletters

Winter 2018 - Volume 11, Issue 3

Death to the Behavior Chart!

3 Reasons to Resist the Lure of Punishments and Rewards

2017 “Oh Behave” Newsletters

2016 “Oh Behave” Newsletters

Fall 2016 - Volume 10, Issue 1

Understanding Behavior After Traumatic Situations

Summer 2016 - Volume 9, Issue 4

Capable of Calming Down


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