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Individual protective equipment is refers to the workers for defence rational, chemical or biological harmful factors such as wear, equipped with and using the floorboard of the various kinds of protective equipment, divided into the head protective gear, respiratory protective equipment, eye (surface) protective equipment, hearing protective equipment, hand protective gear, foot protection, trunk protective gear, protective gear and other nine categories, such as a fall. The equipment and management of personal protective equipment is an important part of safety production. In order to guarantee the life safety and occupational health of the general practitioners, unit of choose and employ persons should be effective for hazard risk identification and assessment, on the basis of for homework personnel equipped with suitable protective equipment. “suitable protective equipment” from the protective equipment itself quality and compliance, protective equipment suitable for the characteristics of environmental characteristics and protective equipment and the operators of fit three aspects into consideration. In fact, no personal protective equipment can be suitable for all users, and the actual effectiveness of protective equipment is closely related to good fitness.

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